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gr8ph1cs Creative has created the second iteration and for a period of 2 years did design updates for the Singpath website. The creators of Singpath Sandra and Chris Boesch have been working on the site and it has grown a large user base over time. It has already gone through many iterations and there are always a list of new ideas to go into the game inlcuding video interwined into the games by the couple's children.

SingPath is the most FUN way to practice software languages! SingPath is a game that lets people practice their programming skills in a fun environment. Play in a variety of programming languages such as: Python, JavaScript, Ruby, Objective C, Java and many other languages to come. 

We designed the website and created a working html, CSS workflow ready for Singpath to develop the backend.

Check out this iteration of the site at
"Shane from gr8ph1cs creative has been doing the desing for my online game - SingPath. Apart from his great personality and the easy relationship that we have established, I find Shane to be extremely dependable, reliable and creative. I am able to give him high level ideas that I want to incorporate and he seems to be able to design page after page of aesthetically pleasing, easy to use, practical and functional designs. Thank You Shane!"
Sandra Boesch
CEO Pivotal Expert