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Devlin Crow Showreel
Devlin Crow Previews Devlin Crow Previews Devlin Crow Previews Devlin Crow Previews Devlin Crow Previews
After completing a showreel DVD for Devlin Crow,gr8ph1cs Creative was approached by him with a similar winter wonderland theme but for a web presence. This is the best solution for Devlin as a web presence can reach a wider audience.

Devlin Crow is a Film Director, Animator, Illustrator and Artist. After graduating from film school in Wales in 1994. Devlin completed the animations The Anatomist's Notebook and Expelling the Demon, starring Steven Berkoff and Lindsay Duncan. Currently he is directing a 12 part film series "Word Made Flesh" with his artistic partner Kennedy Crow which explores the beauty of the spoken word.

We designed the website and created the winter wonderland with flash, this created a lovely smooth animation and great interactivity. It was all recreated in Illustrator for vector output.

Check out the site at Devlin Crow
"the high demands i gave him for the look and design for my website and interactive dvd were always achieved, what he has conjured is beyond what I had envisaged and he has left me astounded"
Devlin Crow
Devlin Crow